Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Megamall Cinema tickets for Php160? Its a steal! :) 

I think I need to shut down my deal site accounts when I'm in the office. Or ban my email because whenever I check my mails, these awesome discounts make me spend more than I'm supposed to. Just like today, Ensogo did not make me think twice, I just had to find my ATM Card and I'm all set.

After only two hours of buying two tickets that costs only Php160, the deal was sold out with 10,169 vouchers bought. Just when I told my officemate, Maam Lynne, to avail for her whole family, the deal stopped. Guess I'm somewhat lucky today.

How about you? With the many emerging deal sites around, what have you purchased that you truly find amazing?


I missed this. Lucky you! Minsan lang magka80 pesos na movie sa Manila e. Ito na yata yung most sucessful deal ni Ensogo. XD


Chamba lang girl. Nagulat din ako super mura, I just had to buy it. hehe :))


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