Dear Typhoon Juaning,

If you think you can ruin my good shoes, think again. Since on my way to the office isn't flooded, I needed good flats that wouldn't ruin (if they're made of low quality leather), or will get wet (like my floral flats that are made of cloth). And I have just the solution and no, I don't mean rain boots.
These cutesy flats above are made of rubber. And they come in cheap for only Php450. I'm not sure though where to buy them because I only ordered it from my office mate. I just love how handy they are in this weather. I strutted along Ortigas this rainy afternoon with the pink flats, under a pink umbrella that was given by the boyfriend. Cutie patootie!

They come in three different colors: Fuschia Pink (like the one above), Light Blue and Black. 

Stay safe everyone! Let's all wish that all the rain be gone soon. :)

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  1. they're so cute :P

    much love,

  2. @Gellie: Thanks! My sentiments exactly when my officemate showed it to me. I just had to buy a pair for myself :)

  3. @Cris: Yup, they're super nice and cheaper than the waterproof flats I see at the malls. :)

  4. super cute ng shoes! :)

  5. Hi Ria, those flats are too cute, I love the color, and that it's plastic. The flower center piece made this piece interesting! We should always be prepared nowadays with rain and easy flooding in the Metro. Btw, am hosting a giveaway with a neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow at stake. Please join if you can! -Mar


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