Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Samsung held its 2011 AV Roadshow this afternoon at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas entitled: The Spectrum of Togetherness. Featuring in this very special event are all the innovative, and top of the line Samsung products that are now available in the Philippine Market. Launching their latest addition, the SAMSUNG SMART TV, a successful gathering full of colorful images and 3D technology was brought to life.

Our group was ushered into the Smart TV room first and they made a demonstration on how it works. With its metal bezel and sleek design, it could almost pass for a projected visual. All of us were amazed on the numerous feature it provides. Your smartphone can also serve as a remote control and the Samsung Smart TV is a real multi-tasker. Imagine browsing the Internet, access your social networking site and watching your favorite show at the same time.

Not only are these Smart TVs multi-faceted, but they can also bring a 3D movie inside your very own living room. With Samsung's 3D HyperReal Engine, they can turn your 2D videos and movie into 3D Images and wait, also into 3D Sound. Now don't you wish you have this inside your bedroom? I know I do!

Channeling all photo addicts like myself! Since summer is here and there are a lot of out of towns that are brewing up, we all need a high-tech camera that's easy to use and ready to capture our dream destinations. The Samsung NX11 provides crisp and clear images that can be produced by your high-end DSLRs, minus the bulky lenses. With the use of the i-Function lenses, you change settings through a button without taking the camera off the target. And yes, you can take pictures just by using your one hand.

If you think the NX11 is too professional and you just need a point and shoot digital camera, then the Samsung SH100 is your perfect match. This touchscreen camera features 14.2 Megapixel resolution and 26mm Wide Angle Lens with 5X optical zoom. Warning: This camera is a real hooker. With its wi-fi ability, you can post your pictures directly to your Facebook or transfer them into your laptop in no time. Simple? Nah. Innovative? Definitely!

After the exhibit, we were led into the Grand Ballroom to see more features of the Samsung Smart TV. Mr. Ariel Arias, Samsung's AV Business Unit Head, explained the capabilities of the product. They also boast of their Research and Development that sets them apart of their competitors. A group of panel, which consists of Samsung officers, also enlightened the audience as they were asked about the strengths and weaknesses (if there are any) of the Samsung Smart TV.

Exciting prizes were also at stake during the event. They raffled off digital cameras, home theaters and for the grand prize, a 40-inch Samsung Smart TV. Luckily, my friend Karch was picked out of the number of attendees. It was an eventful afternoon indeed. As for us non-winners, we get to have our World Traveller Luggages to bring home. Now I need a trip to plan and a rocking camera to win so I can have the best summer ever!

Samsung definitely showcases premium quality products that are cutting-edge and consumer friendly. These and more reasons why they won the Number One Award as the brand known for Innovation and Style from GFK. Thanks to Ms. Odette for the invitation to be part of this exciting event.


wow samsung smart tv!!! amazing!! :)


Amazing talaga! And my friend won a 40inch Led 3D Smart TV! She's super lucky!


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