Monday, April 04, 2011

My one way ticket to feeling like I'm in Brazil!

Hello Summer! And what better way to greet the summer than a new pair of Havaianas flip-flops. Recently, they released their Slim Dolls Collection and they are just oh-so-pretty! I can't wait to get my hands on them soon.

See, when I was little, I used to ask my Dad to buy me national dolls whenever he works abroad. Because he was a seaman, he's already been in most parts of the world, but sadly, he only bought me Korean and Japanese Dolls, while the rest are mostly Barbie dolls. But I didn't complain since they were unusual Barbie dolls who talk or has hair like Rapunzel and then some.

Sugar Coral Matryoshka Dolls are LOVE.

When I saw these flip-flops, I was in love! Not only do they come in yummy colors, but their design is so cute and definitely perfect for summer. I can't wait to strut these on the beach or bring them when I travel this season. Colors are: lavender blue, lemon, and white-colored Havaianas Slim Brazilian; baby lilac, dark brown, golden sun, or grey silver-hued Havaianas Slim Kokeshi (Japanese Dolls); dark brown, navy blue, and sugar coral-colored Havaianas Slim Matryoshka (Russian Dolls).

Turn Japanese with the Slim Kokeshi Design

They are colorful and fabulous. Priced at Php1,495 in the following stores: All Flip-Flops, Celio, Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall, Gas, J&S Surf Shop, KidSports, Manila Polo Club, Manila Yacht Club, Moana, Nail Spa, ROX, Rustan's, Stoked, Tick Tock Flip Flop NAIA Terminal 3, and Urban Athletics.

So get ready with these Havaianas cuties now and enjoy summer while it lasts! :D


love the last one! soo cute! btw, we have the same name Hazel :P


Yeah! I wanna buy them all. Or I hope Havaianas grant my wish so I can have a pair of each design. ^__^ Wow, oo nga, we have the same name. I'll follow you, I have Tumblr din :D


soo cute


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