Tuesday, February 08, 2011

These people make me feel LOUD, thru thick or thin :)

I am literally LOUD. You could hear me talk and people can tell that I am coming around. Yup, little ol' petite me can shake grounds and they would all know what hit them. They say that I have this powerful voice that can startle anyone then and there.

But what makes me LOUDER are my friends and loved ones. They inspire me to do a lot of things, reach for my goals and support me in almost everything. I can have all the heartaches in the world but they inspire me to go on. I could quit from a messy situation and they're there, open arms and opening wide.

And just like Tommy Hilfiger's LOUD, trials may come and go, but my friends could produce the loudest sound in my life. And they will be there forever. :)
Join Nuffnang and Tommy Hilfiger Philippines for they will be giving away a pair of 7 ml Loud For Him and Loud For Her fragrances to the first 30 valid Nuffnangers who are loud enough to be heard.
LIVE LOUD! And LOVE LOUD this February! :)


hi, i wnna ask question sna u'l reply.. anyways bout ur adsense, did u put ur adsense code or nuffnang did it?


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