Monday, January 31, 2011

I've never known anyone who actually believe that I was enough until I met you. And then you made me believe it too. -- Jamie Randall

Back in 1996, Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal) was an electronic store salesman with full on charisma with the girls because of his oozing charm. But when he was caught cheating with his manager's girlfriend, he decided to be a pharmaceutical representative, as suggested by his brother, Josh.

Working for Pfizer and trying to introduce Zoloft and Zithromax instead of doctors prescribing their competitor brand, Prozac to patients, he sought the help of Dr. Knight and shadowed him for a day. One of Dr. Knight's patients, Maggie Murdoch (Anne Hathaway), is sick with an early stage of Parkinson's disease and Jamie got interested with her but she thought otherwise because of her bad experience with the "medical field".

As Jamie was persevered to "get the girl", he went out of his way to get Maggie's trust. When she settled on a relationship with him, he encountered days when he couldn't get his "package" up, so Maggie suggested newly discovered drug, owned by the company where Jamie is working, to have been helping men with erection problems. Asking his partner Bruce about it, he started endorsing the product to clinics and doctors and became a huge hit, not just with men, but also with women with partners experiencing the same problem.

At a pharmaceutical conference, Jamie brought Maggie, but a woman asked her to join a Parkinson's Convention nearby. As she went and got inspired of how empowering they are, she asked Jamie to go there too, but was warned by another guy who has a wife suffering from the last stage of Parkinson's disease. As he was already very much in love with Maggie, he started looking around for cure of the disease so he wouldn't suffer to slowly lose her.

But as his life is on the fast track, Maggie is getting tired of their relationship being about her sickness. So as to not feel sorry for herself anymore, she broke up with Jamie and told him to live his life before her.

Will they ever come around and believe in the most powerful pill (Read: LOVE) in the world?

I discovered a love/hate in this movie. While some parts are dragging, Anne Hathaway's comebacks to Jake Gyllenhaal were pretty funny. And her being sick with Parkinson's is so touching and believable. I think I cried twice during this film. Plus stars for the cinematography too. They made the black and white scenes so pretty that it made it more dramatic. Four stars for this lovable and endearing movie.

Warning: Jake and Anne might be too hot to handle. Don't watch it with the kids. :)



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