Sunday, November 14, 2010

I was instantly Mozu-fied!

Last week, my officemates and I decided to treat ourselves for a lunch out since bonus season began. And since Ms. Tessa knows all the shots in terms of food and good restaurants, she told us that we should try this quaint cafe at the back of Linden Suites. And frankly, we were not disappointed.

Chicken Teppanyaki love

Since it was a lunch time, and the doctor made me turn away from fatty foods, I ordered their Chicken Teppanyaki (P135.00), just to stray from pork. Because it was served with cucumbers and tomato, I finished it without leaving a single morsel. Healthy living and having a delectable lunch is a perfect combo for me.

Tocino Lunch

Kara ordered their Tocino Meal, while the rest of our team had Lechon Laing (Lechon and Laing, P165.00) which I would have gotten if only for my desire to lose weight. :P

Cakes of all sorts and sizes

Because I love anything blueberry!

But as Mozu is known as a cafe restaurant, their specialty cakes are simply to die for. We had the Blueberry Cheesecake (P125.00) finished in five minutes and they also have Apple Crumble, Caramel Cheesecake and other cakes that are simply heavenly. Then I remembered I am on a diet. Hmmp.

Though, if you plan to try their delectable sweets, you're really in for a treat. Their menu doesn't just bring you mouthwatering dishes, but also your money's worth. Oh, and maybe try to bring a date when going there, your love one could fancy a sweet tooth of one or two.

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