Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Magic Stays with Us! :P

Its been a year or two since I've been to Enchanted Kingdom. Then I decided to visit the place once again to experience new adventures with Jeff. And to have much fun, I invited my favorite lovebirds, Karch and Jet and threw in Lester with us. The result? An exhausting but definitely an exciting day for the five of us!

Big Swings, Big Fun!

We first went to the Flying Fiesta. The fact that I love swings always make me love this ride. But somehow, when you get old, you couldn't appreciate rides like these so much. Good thing I haven't been there for a while, so I kind of missed the fun in it. :P

Keep Rollin', rollin' rollin'!

Next up, the Space Shuttle Max. I love roller coasters that much and I love a guy who would hold my hand when the ride starts to get bumpy. And that time, I enjoyed Space Shuttle because I know that boyfriend is beside me. Well, minus him being so noisy during the entire ride. My brother was seated at the front, by himself. Really, he had the strongest guts among us. But if only the lines are not that long, Karch would have wanted to experience the front row. :P

Happy Feet, Happy Rialto

At the Brooklyn Place, Rialto features the movie, "Happy Feet". The attraction would be enjoyed best by kids because Mumble is such a cute dancing penguin. Though the sea lion who's chasing him has the most terrifying teeth of them all. And I thought sea lions are such friendly creatures.

EKstreme Tower Ride!

What caught our attention is the tall tower with Eldar the Wizard's hat on top of it. I found out that it is the EKstreme Tower Ride, their newest attraction that is 150 feet in height that would drop your hearts out, once the ride drops you off. This new ride costs P80.00 and isn't included at the ride-all-you-can ticket. But hey, its a new attraction that sets your spines to tingle, so I guess the extra cost would be worth it.

Guess I'm good at bumping cars. LOL

As Jet wanted to ride "all he can" at EK, we also went to play bump cars, Dodgem. But I think I'll never get around to driving anytime soon. I enjoyed bumping more. Beats the purpose, dont you think?

Because Karch would shoot you all! :P

Enchanted Kingdom also has attractions like the Triassic Tag, XPP Xtreme Paintball, Exodus: The ATV Ride, Jr. Kart Trak, Zorb Balls and more. During our stay, a play called "A Christmas Story" was presented for everyone to enjoy. We rode the Jungle Log Jam last because it'll require us to get wet anyway. We stayed from Rio Grande Rapids and Wheel of Fate since the lines are uber long and it takes a lot of effort to wait.

Were amused, if not for the long lines. :D

Enchanted Kingdom has been here for fifteen years and has been giving excitement to kids and adults (like me!) anytime of the day. The magic really lives on and will forever stay with you. So spend your happy holidays with EK this season to have a merry, merry Christmas! :D

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