Monday, July 19, 2010

And I'd still YES, over and over again :D

Dear By,

We never thought this was possible. We thought that the two months we have spent together is the last of it. Two days before our monthsary, we anticipated that something will happen again, because for the life of us, every monthly celebration of ours is a struggle. Yes, we love each other, but circumstances occur that eventually hurt us both. When this monthsary is nearing, we dreaded that our misunderstanding will lead to another goodbye. But surprise, surprise, it didn't. Maybe because we both grew up. We both learned. And we both lived about the fact that nothing could ever break us apart.

We both have a complicated past. Our first goodbye was brought about mine, and the fact that our arguments are haunting me and what I've been through for the past three and something years. Our second farewell was yours, and what I thought I couldn't bear to take. But again, our love was far more greater than our trials. It is far better than any goodbyes. When you were contemplating about the fact that I may not take it, I picked, chose and loved you. My norms went backseat suddenly. My no-no's became okay, to yes. Because as your sister told me when I was grieving about our goodbye, "Love will conquer all", and its up to us to make that a reality.

Up until now, we are both fighting our battles. I won't deny that sometimes, I get tired, but you know that your love makes me strong and make me believe that I could go on. I may get weak for the most part, but were good as a team. We couldn't do it without the other. So as long as we have our love, were so good. I have never been a quitter when it comes to love. I push and shove until I know its worth fighting for. And I know that you are one of those people. Because the moment I said yes to you, I know you're special, and I know you are worth the wait. :)

Someday, I know everything will finally be alright. After all, we have been through a lot together. That sometimes, I begin to laugh because the trials we have surpassed seem like we've been together for a lot of years already. But still, here we are, three months and counting.

Above all, thank you for always loving me, for always making sure that I'm fine. For the support that you've been stressing out when I feel bad about work or the pressure that's been coming from the parents :P. For loving all my friends and even taking care of them, the way I do. For being like a best friend when all my friends couldn't be there for me. For doing all my whims and treating me like a princess and most of all, for making me your only one.

Love you much Jeff, always have and always will :)

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