Saturday, July 17, 2010


My boyfriend spoils me.... a lot. And now, my love for heels has gone up because he always make sure to fetch me in front of the office and drop me off in front of our doorstep, so I'm not used to walking anymore.

Yup, it's a good thing but when his car's on coding or he's busy, the attack of the killer heels come to life. The pumps are not my best friend anymore. They would look sparkly and shiny and they drag the life out of you. Figuratively.

Last Wednesday, By asked me to go with him to his basketball game with his friends and cousins. Because he promised that Che will be there with me, said I'd be there. But then, I forgot that morning that I was wearing my favorite shoes, and that Megamall is so busy that the traffic was so bad. Told him I'd meet him at SM North so he could just see me there and wait until I arrive. From Megamall, I had to walk around Shangrila to the MRT station. Reaching Trinoma, I was being pissed at my boyfriend for the reason that the killer heels are beyond my patience. Oh, and he wanted me to meet him at Annex because he thought its the best possible way for us to meet immediately, apparently, its just isn't the case. Thank God he finally understood how irritated my voice was already, that he picked me up at Trinoma instead.

Or maybe I just need to go to Manels' and buy new shoes at their Retro Anniversary Sale. 50% on all items is a great, great way to spend our Third Month as a couple. Yes? :D

After fetching me, we all went to his house. Met his Mom. Yes, I love you boyfriend, thanks for making me meet your Mom when my shoes are paralyzing my feet already. Kidding. He says I'm proud of me because I didn't chicken out or anything. And I met his friends and cousins. Oh, and they look like F4. Since they were four that time, and they're all Chinese, I almost thought they'd sing. And Jeff might just be the vocalist. Hehehe.

Happy Third Month!!!

In a few hours, By and I will be celebrating our third month. I kept telling Mench yesterday that the days felt shorter this time. She said that maybe because things changed. And maybe because we are working towards the same goal now and we learned a lot from the past months. Our relationship has been tested by a lot of trials already. I cannot, for the life of me, believe that I experienced a lot of growing up now that I'm with him. The taboos and the no-no's that I have in the past are now different. Because we are different. And what we have is real.

Now I'm really excited on what's coming our way in a few months. It will always be a roller coaster ride, but you know you take my breath away love.

Happy weekend everyone!

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