Thursday, November 12, 2009

Okay, so ze guy friend texted me yesterday telling me that he's on the way home from Baclaran because he prayed the rosary there. Is this another sign? Is this what the tarot card reader meant about someone who's gonna be so good for me? I mean, seriously, I couldnt find someone like that anymore. Or it would be SO RARE.

But again, he's so like me! Someone who will go to every church there is possible. Very freaky. At first, I thought he was cocky, like some other guys I know, but then he proved me wrong. And its so important for me that a guy is faithful to his religion, but this, is so beyond. Really. And its making me so happy. Plus, when my Mom and I fought the other night, he didn't consider my side. He just said that I should reconcile with her and just do whatever I'm told. Good boy much? :P See? When God closes a door, He definitely opens a bigger door. But I don't wanna jinx it yet. Let's see how the plot thickens. hahaha.

Career-wise, my regularization is up already. Hence, more benefits for me! Yay! And definitely bigger opportunities for me. Good move.

I am finally realizing that I am reaping all the benefits now. Maybe moving forward is the best decision ever. Yes, I may be single for now, but I am definitely luckier. My December may be a little sad because I feel as if I lost a family, but then, I am surrounded by friends and a possible love life, so I am all set. And next year, it will definitely be a better and bigger one. :) God is really, oh, so good to me. :)


Speaking of Christmas, I am just so psyched for this one! Maybe because there are so many blessings that are definitely pouring. That sometimes, its so overwhelming already. But in my case, its a good thing. Really, really. hehehe

I have to start on my Christmas shopping already! I booked Malyn to go with me next time. Hehehe. I need a woman's perspective from now on. :P

Ciao everyone! :)

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