Thursday, November 05, 2009

How does it feel to be ENGAGED? Happy.

How does it feel to be not engaged anymore, Devastating.

But all it water under the bridge now. That one time we talked, I gave back the ring. Why? Because it was living proof that I was once, engaged. I was once talking about my future plans. I was once one of those women who loved going to bridal fairs and looking at gowns and imagining my wedding entourage.

Heck, I even managed to grab the bouquet at my best friend's wedding.

Everyone thought I would be next to Maro. They all said because I got the bouquet, maybe I will follow her na rin in a short while. But then this came stumbling my world. One swoop fell into my supposed to be wedding cake, a tall, white but chocolate stuffed inside. My fantasy wedding dress, a white version of Belle's gown in Beauty and the Beast, was swept by a tidal wave. I always knew what I wanted. I just needed the right man to do his job by being faithful and loyal to me, thus, waiting at the aisle.

Now it is all gone. I am back to square one. I am back to finding Mr. Right for me. He doesnt really need to be dashing. He doesnt need to have the wheels to get to me. But he should be loyal, and understanding, and should have the guts to tell me that forever and ever is forever and over and only me.

Now, now, Im not rushing. I am actually relaying everything to God. If he gives me the right person now, I will definitely embrace it. After all, he took my away from the person that He knew didnt suit me. He made him borrow me for a while and when He thought that he couldnt be man enough for me, Lord got me back. And now, I know He is embracing me to go with Him in a beautiful journey. One without sadness and despair. A new beginning with a wonderful life. Because He made me beautiful, so He will bless my soul. :)


Tomorrow, the whole department will be leaving for Batulao, Batangas. I am quite excited to see Caleruega, if they permit us to roam around after the activities. Then on Saturday, we'll be going to Tagaytay. My first real outing with my new home. :)

So now, I'll be packing my things first. Good luck to me leaving the house at 4:30 AM. hahah. :P I can do this! LOL.

Goodnyt everyone! Its a rainy evening. Cuddle with your one and only. :)

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