Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I came across this image at today. And it completely defines me. I just know it does.

I have been from a pampered family. I was never hungry nor given what is less. I never really worked for anything that's so hard while I was growing up. Except for love. I have been hurt for so many times, but never did I regret losing those love, because I have always thought that something or someone better will come to me.

And luckily, it did. To the person that I could say I'm at ease the most. Where pretentions did not exist. And happy endings are always memorable. Until today.


Somehow, I just hope that this gets to you. I hope you know that I'm fighting nail and tooth because I wanted US badly. I cannot wake up everyday thinking what might have been and not getting your good morning messages. Even watching the most boring movie is still fun because you are there to mock it with me. Going faraway places isnt exactly a happy trip when youre not there holding my hand during an airplane ride or a bumpy road.

Yes, I am pampered. And he continued pampering me.

But today, I think its my time to do everything I could to make him not feel any more less. Because he is by far the most wonderful thing that happened to me. I might be stupid for breaking the laws but I have defied fire and hell just so I could have that love back.

Someone asked me, FOR THE THINGS THAT HE'S DOING TO ME TODAY, IS HE EVEN WORTH IT? I told her that ignoring me and snubbing me is painful, but he's worth all the pain in this world. Happiness cannot be defined without him smiling in front of me. May it be when we were just three years old when I found out that I had a crush on him, or during the time we talked during his sister's wedding and saw OUR fireworks, so I will risk everything, just to be with him again.

After all, he was the one who said that "if you love a person, you'd never be willing to let her go because you would want to spend your forever and ever with her".

And so I am standing by that promise. :)

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