Sunday, September 27, 2009

He is my song. My melodies could be out of tune without him. Every love song I hum, every lyric I utter, it came from the heart that binded us together.

He is my world. I was never willing to share anyone in it before he came. I never let anyone enter because my world is considered my home. Where I know I could rest and be contented. He rocked it with a simple hello, and I let him because I know he is worthy.

He is my family. Even as a kid, I used to see him. I've always thought we'll end up not just flower girl and ring bearer. I always knew I'd say yes in front of it. I always knew that God blessed the first time we walked together when were kids. He is my family, and he knew how much family meant for me.

He is my heart. It never stopped beating for him. Even in separation, my heart beats loudly everytime a simple thing in his life happens. Everytime I sense chaos, it pounds like hell. He is my heart, and it defines everything I feel. It defines us.

I am staying, because I'm loving. I am strong because I believe in the sense of it. I am waiting, because the roads have paved the ways for us before.

He is my everything, and I need my everything. Especially in this life of melancholy.

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