Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Okay, so please dont hate me if Im not bloggng much these past few days, its just that I have been too addicted with Tumblr, my new semi-home and Facebook. I can't help but play with my pet Tiffany at Pet Society, decorate my place at Restaurant City and plow and garden at Barn Buddy. In short, I don't have a life. :P

But seriously now, the past week has been exciting, and then some. Finally saw the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince that I have like waited for two years. And it was an impromptu thing because we were supposed to see it last Saturday, but since a blur of events (his sister and cousin, visiting the Philippines) happened, he scheduled the sureseats on the exact opening day. So I had to (literally) fly from Tektite to Market Market! just so I could be there on time for the 6:20 showing.

..Boy, did I make the taxi driver tensed. hahaha. :P

For my review about the movie, I have a different page for that. But for a more personal view, it was a fifty fifty love and hate. Yates could have done better. And the bad thing? He will be directing the last two movies as well, so good luck with that. hahaha. It's gonna be dark and all. :(


Auction time again this Saturday!

I'm always excited for auctions at the office. Not because of the fact that I have to go to work at least one Saturday a month, but the joys of having the people bid on their dream homes. I'm so nostalgic about those stuff. hehehe.

But this Saturday will not be a dull one because I will be attending the BDJ Rendezvous this Saturday will Tchelski. :) And were both so excited. I wish I could win a nice gift. Not the lame ones. I suck at raffles kasi. hahaha.


This week will be a good week. I just know. Psychic much? hahaha. Good night peeps! :)

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