Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well Hello Multiply. I missed you. I'm sorry if I havent blogged much like the old times. but you see, my request for access in the office isnt out yet. Yes, that is very pathetic, if you might ask me, but a lot of things are going on.

I am finally settled on doing numerous things in the office. Well, not as much as a stack, but it definitely helps me to punch in and out of the cubicle feeling tired. But not in a bad way. Like my former boss said, we should maximize our time in the office. Look for ways to improve the business. So far, I think I'm contributing fair enough. :)


Sophie and Mico are back! Yay!

But only for a few days. Nay :( That really makes me sad. You see, they are my favorite among numerous pamangkins of Hon. I also love Andi and Carmela, but they are the ones I always hang out with back then. And theyre so cuddly and all. They both changed over the months that we havent seen them. But definitely still sweet. :P I hope they won't go back to India anymore. :(

Speaking of India, whenever Ate Grace(Hon's Sister) talks about it, I cant help but get so distracted with Jai Ho playing in my mind. I am such a weirdo sometimes. :P


Last Saturday, I went to Perjoy's Baptism, my 9th goddaughter. Ayan ha, I didnt lost count anymore. Meanwhile, its Gabby's Baptism, Maro's son, the following day. So I now have 10 goddaughters and godsons in all. hahaha. :P I so love babies. But that's it for me now. Definitely not having my own sometime soon. Maybe in a couple of years, or so.

After the baptism, went to MOA to watch Transformers in IMAX. The catch? Weve already seen it last week. So bummer. Good thing were with Mico and Sophie.

Then yesterday, went to Eastwood (I just so love saying that) to have dinner with Hon's cousins. I loved their dancing fountains. Ate Ana has clearer pictures. You see, everytime I go there, I forget to bring my camera, which is so surprising. I guess it doesnt want me to enjoy much? hahahaha

Fountain Show at Eastwood taken by my trusty Nokia

That's all for now. I promise to update you more often. Let's cross our fingers together. hehehehe. :)

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