Friday, February 27, 2009

Hon21 says: Ingat kyo mmya ha
wag nmn sana mapanu kayo sa bus

Me says: Gusto ko nga magkita tayo eh.

Hon21 says: Pagbalik mo na
Para alm mo na may babalikan ka


Aww, sometimes, I dont know how Hon gets all his sweetness from. As my friend says, when we fight, its always intense, but when we care about each other, its as if we never had any problems.

Im still confused over the heart and mind situations. But Im going there to know the final verdict. I mean, if I would agree or not. I told Maam Kit about it too and the day felt so sad. She kinda noticed how it means for me to leave and change career paths. She also felt that it would be best for me there. I felt bad tuloy, but life has to go on.

..pero its still changeable. I just dont know how would that be possible. :P

Brought chickie in my bag for Baguio. Jeni persuaded me to take her. haha.

Have to go try to fix my other things. Think I'll bring to cameras, just in case. hehehe.

Have fun you all this weekend!

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