Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I used to attend the Panagbengal Festival way back in high school. I even remembered one time where we took a picture of Regine Velasquez and (a portion, seiously! because all I took was his back.haha) of Aga Muhlach for their movie that was shot in Baguio (Pangako, Ikaw Lang).

Last year, Mom, my brother, and her friends also went there. They saw Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson daw. Last 2007, she and Dad also went there, taking pictures of Judy Ann Santos, all the way. LOL.

And because they have been unfair to their only daughter *winks*, Mom and Dad dragged me to go with them to the Float Parade this year. Yay! They thought that since I haven't been to Baguio in a long time, and since my brother couldn't come, they will once again bond with their daughter who haven't been in trips with them. hahaha. For Christ's sake, they even wanted to go to Davao with me. I knew it, that my Mom didn't want me to go there at first because she was jealous that she haven't been there. LOL.

So anyhow, Ive been in Baguio since, well, forever. Mom says I have been made there. Eww. Not the information I needed, but since they had their honeymoon there, I guess now I'm one of the produce of Baguio, (and somehow) proud of it. hehehehe.


I'm not sure where we'll go (again). Tita Fely always invite Mom and Dad to Asinan, where they have this hot spring of some sorts, but we definitely wont have time for that. Maybe to PMA instead (Yay! Tayong Dalawa? hehehe) I wanna see the military exhibitions again. And the cute tree houses there. Thinking about it, that was the overthrow of Erap when we last went to PMA. And we were with Ate Obry too. Aww, I miss her na.

Gone are the days when the only mall in Baguio is that small one that I cant even remember because we used to go the the market instead to buy our food. Now they have SM already. Sometimes, I do feel old. Pero wish ko lang naman wag gawin nung nanay ko yung ginawa niya sa Iloilo diba? I mean, just going to SM. hahaha.

Jeni and I talked that we SHOULD meet there on Sunday, at least. Maybe we'll hang at Session Road coz that's where the action is. And sadly, numerous people. harhar.

I wish I could see celebrities at the parade itself. It would be a nice thought. haha. Piolo! or John Lloyd! Fangurl. tsk tsk.


Speaking of JL (no not my brother), Miss Cherry, Mark and I are going to watch "You Change My Life" tonight. Ms. Che said that it is exciting because its the first showing date. Her thrill of the number of people watching. hahaha. I'm there naman for the movie. Hello? Give us some action naman. Pag hi-nug lang ni Sarah si John Lloyd ulit, kamusta naman at parang magpaparefund nalang ako. LOL.

But nevertheless, I'm excited too. And I wanna watch Confessions of a Shopaholic and He's Just Not That Into You. Sana naman wag lang on DVD. Because I'm trying to watch Revolutionary Road. Maybe next week on DVD. No choice eh, can't wait for the Leo-Kate teamup again. :P


Have to go. Ang daldal daldal ko na naman.

Muah! to all! XOXO.

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