Monday, June 23, 2008

First of all, I wanted to say thanks to the people who cared.

For the people who offered their ear and jokes when I needed them the most.

And mostly, to the true friends. You know who you ARE. :D


Spent my much needed weekend break at Nova. I just literally curled up in bed and tried to re-assess how Im feeling. But after talking, I'm finally okay. Were finally OKAY.

...And I know you will never cease to LOVE me. I just knew it. hehe.


Last Friday, Jeni and I went rode the MRT when suddenly, at the front side of the women's train, an unbearable shouting happened that made it stop for at least five minutes. Apparently, theres this woman who got nabbed and was shouting nonstop to this guy who allegedly robbed her. The security just got there after a few seconds, while the train remained at the station. KAMUSTA NAMAN.

Good thing they settled their issue outside. But everyone went laughing after the train left the station. We were making nasty comments that they shouldnt rob yet because its not payday or something. But really, if you have been there, it really would be a laughingstock.


I have a hectic week coming up. Due to the Company's Anniversary, I am solemnly swearing to work real hard. I believe that there'll be too many problems in the following days. So Im praying for the

And thankfully, the storm has already passed. And the skies have cleared.

..At least there's a chance for a happy ending after all. :D

Love you HON. Muah!

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