Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Suddenly, small fights damages me, left me feeling blue.

Suddenly, words bleed like it would never stop at all.

Suddenly, the small world that we both built seems bigger, that left me to not know you. That all I could see are different strangers I never thought I would know.

..Because you promised that it'll be just you and me.

(Inspired by Sex and the City Movie, Wedding scene of Carrie and Big)


Dun palang ako eh. But I already made a simple poem for them. I felt sad for not finishing it, but I felt more sad when Big left Carrie and waited at the altar. She was assuring him that everything will be perfect because they will start their lives together, which they waited for what? ten or so years? Then Big started to have cold feet and panicked.

But stupid Big realized that Carrie is the ONE. But of course, Carrie was too mad to care that she hit Big with her wedding bouquet. And I loved Charlotte to drive Big away from Carrie.

I mean, men are stupid because they just think you nag them, but they dont realize that you care about them. And the worst part of that, you would keep on waiting for them, you wasted your time caring about them, and instead of showing a teeny gratitude, they would even diss you and wont care if you slept late and got late because of them. AND YES, THAT IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

I'm just upset. I know, I shouldnt work up myself with stress, but it feels bad to be unappreciated. And I know I should understand the situation, but it freaking happens almost all of the time. Hindi ko nga alam kung nananadya ka na eh.

Anyhow, make up for it or whatever, come Friday, you wont see me too. Maybe its time that I shouldnt do anything about it. After all, you always mention that there are no accidents. And evidently, whatever MAY happen, is both our faults right?

Sad post. Sad life. Papalitan ko nalang kaya ng Sad and name ko?

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