Friday, June 13, 2008

Its Friday the 13th today. And thankfully, bad luck hasnt crossed with me yet. Know why? Because it usually takes its toll on me whenever superstitious days like these happen.

This morning, I have this jeepney driver I almost whack his head off. You see, I kind of woke up early just so I wouldnt be late anymore. And because I only have one left, I figured that I should really hurry.

So coming at the station before 7AM, I was already sitting at the usual back of the driver seat. I should have known before I even tried to ride that turtle! I have been throwing dagger looks at him so he would speed up. Thankfully, I wasnt late. So I guess that makes up for not being unlucky today.

...Plus I will be having the appraisal starting today. Nice!


Oh, and I wanna greet my good friend Sai a MERRY, HAPPY and LUCKY birthday. I hope you read this, but you know that youre one of the closest friend I ever had in FC. And I wish we could be friends until our future children grows up. MwaaaAhuggZ my Pweti Sai!

Miss na miss ka na namin ni Jeni! Manlibre ka naman! LOL.


Anyhow, that's my Friday, nothing new. Just dropped by and talked nonsense. Haha.

Gotta go! XOXO.

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