Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love my Tuck. Soooper! But then, I saw something divine out of my mail.

Introducing iPhone 3G. OO! 3G! Its a phone, Ipod, Digicam, Video Player, Internet, Touch Screen and Mobile Conference rolled into one. Whew!

And its coming in the Philippines, but only exclusively for Globe. Hahaha! Too bad its so much prettier than me. Joke.

Anyhow, I don't know bucketful of pesos this would cost, though S told me that this is the newest iPhone and it only costs more than 8k. Plus I saw it this afternoon at the paper. Now I have to wait till July 11 to find out if this would really cost me JUST $199. Yay!


The awarding of Project Smile successfully happened yesterday. Though there has been little mishaps on the presentation, it was still a successful event. And the winners are completely deserving to win. Good thing that we have responsible, yet extra-milers in the company, not just because of the prize, but because it is their task.

And really, we don't see that very often ayt?


Gotta go. Ive a pending article due today. Though finishing touches nalang naman. Later! Muah! :D

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