Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our SAVP, Ms. Eva departed the Earth last Saturday due to kidney failure. I feel so bad because I never thought she was THAT sick. Jon and I were texting last Sunday on how short life is. And we were even joking on where we'd buy food from now on. Bad! :P

But seriously, she will be missed. After all, she is one of the nicests officers FC has ever had...



Well, I dont really need an answer to that. I forgot that Blair was confronted for the bad things she has done nga pala. But if Blair was put into place where she has no idea of what the people are talking about, what would she do? At least she could bitchfight without thinking about her conscience right? Buti pa nga si Blair. Drag.

But because of what happened, I decided to give up. Nakakapagod pala minsan yung mag-explain na hindi ka papakinggan. As Ive said, Im tired of explaining. So why bother. Masakit lang isampal sayo that you havent been a genuine friend. Pero ganun eh. Tatanggapin ko nalang.

Aww, I need a Serena right now. Yung tipong pipigilin ka habang pasakay ka na sa private chopper. fots. Tama na nga. Been daydreaming again.


High-End Project has been deferred. But come June, there'll be more blessings for me. Aja! I can do this. I want this and I love this. Thank God CCD Team is there to support me. :D And most especially, my Hon Hon. Yikee. :D

Gotta go. Editing pa ko. In fairness, I havent done a taglish post for a long time. Muah!

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