Thursday, May 29, 2008

Im just excited for the Belle De Jour Rendezvous on Saturday, and Jeni will be coming along too. Good thing she also joined the seminar I'd completely feel left out. Anyhow, this is an invitational thing, or rather, you have to reserve to them first, and of course, you have to have your Belle De Jour Power Planner. :D

For sure, the Belle De Jour Girls (like moi!) would be enlightened through this event. Not to mention that the speakers are professionals over the years. Hope to see some of you there! :D


On the other hand, I still feel soaring, and it is a very great feeling. Like everything fits perfectly in its place. And the fact that I know myself better than anyone makes it even more thrilling for me. I have so many articles to write and events to go to.

As for out of towns, I guess we have to rest on that first. Or were not gonna be able to enjoy it to because stupid rain started to drench us every now and then.

I remembered when I got home last Tuesday:

I was so hungry from my trip going home from work. So I saw a stall near the market selling shakes. I bought one just so I wouldnt be so thirsty and I dont wanna eat yet not to spoil my dinner. After two minutes, the rain started to pour. AND I MEAN REAL HARD. Hence, I felt stupid walking a few streets to our house, with a little umbrella and a choco truffle shake on my other hand. Most people would think I am suicidal or something. Oh well. Stupid stupid rain. I never loved the rain. I hated it actually. But to think about it, I have to accept because it is important.


I wanted to read the whole Gossip Girl Series. Ang mahal naman ng book kasi. The one on sale naman, isa lang. Literally. Sad.

Gotta go. Muah! :D

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