Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our families don’t usually hang out on a Holy Week. Mom says we should be observing things like respect for Jesus because it is HIS week and all that. So after 22 years of existence, this would be the ONLY time that I get to go outside of the house and had fun. Hehehe.

So anyhow, since we didn't’t see each other yesterday (our 22nd monthsary, btw.) and since my bezzie Bubut has been talking nonstop about Serendra, we decided to take a look on the in’s and out’s of the premises, and boy, did I was ever amazed. LOL.

Being one of the bookworms of this world (or maybe this country), Hon and I decided to see the BIGGEST Fully Booked in the Philippines. It has five floors of books, CDs, DVDs and school supplies you could ever see. There even has Starbucks inside. Super WOW! And because he is the greatest boyfriend in the whole wide world, Hon Hon bought me two Paolo Coelho books. It was a rat race at first because I was hoping to see Coelho's new book, Brida, in a mini version. That way, it wouldn't cost much, but he didn't budge. ROFL. And he also bought The Witch of Portabello, because they now have a paperback. Yay! They even carry these superheroes/star trek/narnia/LOTR action figures, so it is really one of the coolest bookstores-slash-libraries I've ever been into. I'm saying this because in UST, we have a six-floor library, but doesn’t really contain the books I'm into. Well, at least they have Zafra or I wouldn't go near the building except for free internet. Haha.

Moving on, Serendra is so nice. It has huge everything. It has a huge Nike Park, huge Animaland, huge Fully Booked, and all that sorts. Though children might enjoy it too much without having their parents fear that they might get lost or anything. In short, you are like living into Stepford Village at the city and minus the robots. If you know what I mean.

I also loved the cupcakes at Sonja’s. They have this quaint restaurant and smoothies shop that will never fail your tastebuds. Plus their Victorian style makes it more interesting to look and be at. So cute.

After that, went to Market Market and Hon Hon bought me this medium sized baby Tweety that I have always wanted. I am so loving late monthsary celebrations. Hehe.

There, I was just so thrilled with what this day has become. But I'm so tired now. So till next time. Buh bye! Muah!




I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

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