Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"I am in love with you. Even though I feeling the dumps, the nearness of you lifts me a lot of notches higher.

And although everything cannot go back to where it was before, I hope you could stay with me.
..I know this because you are special. And in you, I found my forever."

I wish I could write a song one day. I don't know, just for the heck of it. Its just that I have written poems (although Ive said I'm not much of a poet) but I want a melody to them. I hope to do something original. I guess I have to learn my keyboard again.
I was number two at our Post-test at the seminar we've been last Friday. Miss Ivy was so proud that I got a higher mark than the AVP and the Supervisors of a certain department. Maybe when I get my confidence back, I could say yes to that EIC thingie. Though I am still uncertain because the endorsement was also uncertain. I just feel so happy that EVP-GM prefers my work than this other department. I am uber honored. Promotion anyone? hahaha

But silly as it may seem, I am still hoping for other options, or another work. Somewhere I could practice more. Somewhere I could learn more.

Ive seen Kuya Neil's blog and his ramblings about being an instructor at AB. Good luck naman. Okay, let me clarify that I am not saying this because I also want to be a professor or such, but because I remembered college and our professors. He was clear about the happening inside AB and was thinking of the past, like some profs allow us to eat in class, but hindi kanin at ulam --(ui Sir Ian :D). Or a week's deadline for a newsletter (which is worse), even the gossips we have shared especially when it involves a teacher and a student. haha.

It feels nice to recall college. Somehow, I still feel sad that one of my best-est friends of four years let our ties go already. Sometimes, when I think of her, I still hope were friends.

..The things you have to sacrifice because you decided to choose love.

Not that I regretted choosing Hon, but then you cant help but think of the four years that you have wasted being friends and just being thrown in the dumps instead. Well, maybe, just maybe, things will be okay in due time.

Received a chivalrous act today from a man at the MRT. Or maybe he thought I was sick so he decided to give up his seat and let me take his place. But thankfully, there are still humane men out there. Or maybe I should just learn to trust people more.

Pero kamusta naman at ang sarap ng upo ko sa train that made me sleep until I reached Shaw Blvd. Goodie, I woke up in time. hahaha

I think I need my drive back. I am losing grip to the things I am passionate about. I couldn't even form a decent news article this past few days. Oh lala, inspiration, please deal with me again. You know I'd love to have you.

I am so excited for Saturday (yes, I'm saying this for the nth time). Probably because of the fact that it has been a while since I watched a movie. Then he said were gonna watch The Simpsons. That I am not sure. Though I have a lot of DVDs lined up if ever my mom still carry me to Novaliches this Saturday night. Am definitely bringing the Charmed Series Hon has brought me.

Gotta go! Catch me later. :D

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