Monday, July 09, 2007

The last time I wore Band-aids was when my feet sores due to new shoes.

Now, I need it more than ever. To cover my pain. Oh well, only few knows the whole truth. Embarrassing story. Haay.

Went to Nova again last Saturday. Shempre, it was my boring days again. Although I love going there and having my relaxing room, I feel as if my social life with good 'ol Manila and my Hon Hon is missing. And since I haven't seen him since last week, calls are the only thing that makes him feel closer to me. I just hope that Mom finally gets better so I could get my life back.

But on the other hand, seeing him later makes me feel giddy all morning. Even though he's not yet answering my texts. I bet he's still napping.

My boss is currently at Iloilo. Ahaha. I wish I could go there again. I wish to go back to Guimaras to feast on mangoes (well, hopefully the oil spill was already washed away) or go to my relatives there. I sure do miss them a lot. Maybe because I could only find female cousins there. Or people who are closer to my age.

Season 70th of the UAAP started last Saturday. With my Alma Mater as the host school. My heart skips a beat whenever the UST Singers sing. I wish I could've been there live. I mean to see the action and all. Well, hopefully. :D

Gotta go continue what I left today. Muah!



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