Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It was only then that I realized to have been working for a year already. Actually, I dreamt that I was still working at Adam's and saw the people I've been with. It feels weird, considering that I have only been there for about three months. Before, I had a lot of what if's inside my brain. I even told myself that I would somehow thought I would learn a lot in a travel agency. Well, I did at some parts, but I couldn't find my happiness there.


I could still remember how I first got into the travel thingie. My friend and I went to our school job fair already, but still haven't called for an interview or something like that. Another resort is to go to a government job fair, sign up and do the searching there. True enough, I didn't have a hard time finding a company. One that entices both worlds that I was eager to plunge in: Writing and Travel.

The moment I called for the interview, I could already sense that I have this good chance of getting in. Since they cater for pilgrimages, my education from ICAM and UST would help me a lot since I've been too much exposed to Catholicism and Religion. And maybe because the boss loved the articles I've presented him. But somewhere in the way, boss and I became foes, (not in a bad way) and decided to just leave before it could get bloody hell. hehehe.

..And still, I couldn't bear to step my foot inside the building anymore. I have no news about them too. I guess I enjoyed to much at my 8-month long company or I was just heck pissed at my old boss. Whichever way it is, I am willing to forget that past.


Hon and I were updating each other about the elections. Told him he shouldnt complain when government sucks because he hasnt even dared to vote. I just feel sad that most of the senatoriable that I've been rooting for didnt complete the list. Or havent even been close to the partial list. I expected too much from the voters. But since people has their own decisions, let's just hope that fate could put credible and trustworthy people in the government. Or at least someone who REALLY knows what he's doing.


It's our big day on Monday. Fortunately for him, he's having his off that day. As for me, maybe I could run to whichever place he's taking me. But anyway, we have this after-Avi's party planned up for Saturday night. Maybe not MOA anymore. I don't know, I kinda grew tired of MOA already. I would actually like to go to Trinoma but Miss Ivy said that I should give it al least a month before the stores fill up. I dont know. Plans are still unformulated yet. Just maybe.

My lips are killing me right now. Have to go. :D

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