Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to the one of the greatest and prettiest mama in the world! Love you Mama. :D

There was one time that Hon told me I am beginning to sound like my mother. I was mortified at what he said because although I came from her, any minute now, we could turn into a Freaky Friday movie and pull a switcheroo just to understand each other.

I didn't get to grow up with my Mom. While I get to attend school at Novaliches, she was working at Manila. There are times that I would despise her because she would confiscate my Sweet Valley Books whenever my grades would drop or failed a quiz. I also felt deprived of material things, especially when I would ask her to buy nice and expensive things for me. And that caused me to love my Lola more than her.

She took me from my lola when I was in high school. I actually thought it was hell because she gets to see what I was doing, my habits, even how I study (not that it's a big deal, I just don't want anyone keeping the eye on me). So really, I kept almost everything from her. Even the guys Ive dated were off limits to our conversations because she would either ridicule or insult the guys I like. See the picture now?

It was only then in college that we became close, I guess. Because I don't thrive to have too much material things anymore, the simple things excite me. Going to malls for no apparent reason, bargain-hunting, even the night markets are looked forward especially when she invites me to come with her.

Presently, we cope with each other. Although we were like oil and water a lot of times, I love my mom. I love her fascination with dolphins. I love her bringing me my favorite things. I am proud that she puts up with Lester and I. And although we don't look that much alike, I sooo love her and no one could ever replace her here..<3


Spent the whole day with Hon today doing lotsa things. Went to the hospital, went to Mega to buy him the Anniversary gift (which I persuaded him to say what he wants so that I would not end up buying him what he doesn't want, and thankfully agreed), bought a gift for Avi's Baptismal and Birthday, him buying me THE most awaited book "For One More Day", then went to our house for more quality time.

Anyhow, we also managed to rummage DVDs at Quiapo, but didn't buy anything. I dunno why, maybe I have so many movies still lined up unwatched, or maybe because I still have five books untouched. I feel sad that I couldn't finish them all. My spare time to read is when I travel to the office, ride a jeepney then open a book (that is, when I don't fall asleep during the ride to the office). Hence, I couldn't bear to finish any. I just feel bad that I am splurging for books, or rather I let Hon splurge for my books. I don't know. When I point something to him, he just keeps on picking it up and the last time I see it, its all paid for and wrapped. But sometimes, when I catch him buying things for me, we would always have a fight that I don't really need it and I would just want him to see it. He even reasons that he didn't get to buy things for me pa 'nun ha.

I just don't want people to have this impression that I'm spending his money. After all, I have mine to spare. I'm used to buying things in moderation. I guess I got that from my mom. See, I'm starting to be like her na talaga.

..oh well, just clearing things up.

Elections on Monday again. Have my line-up ready since last week. But I don't know, guess it still might change over this weekend. Gotta go, feeling groggy already. (Duh, why wouldn't I? It's past two. haha O_O )

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