Saturday, February 04, 2006


First of all, I wanna congratulate our thesis and my thesismates for doing a great job in our defense. Now we could really say that were up for graduation... well, almost.

But at least, one load is already off our backs. And we got flat one for it. And that day would be forever remembered. It's an accomplishment of my lifetime. I'm so proud of our group. =)

...And now I have more time to devote some for my love life!

We actually got worried for nothing. We defied what Sir Jere told us about having food for our panelists. Yeah, were feeling generous so we bought foods for our panel members. It was actually a private and cozy defense since there are only the four of us plus the panelist in the room. And we had two different schedules so that adds up to the tension.

After the first defense, we went to SMSL to eat and look for our panelist's token. Ayun, we wanna go shopping but since we don't want to run out of laptops in the AVR and since Lappie's not in mint condition with the powerpoint, we have to resort to what the school could offer us.

Fortunately, we worked things up during the second defense. And it went so well. Mam Gwen didn't even bother to ask questions since our thesis is "precise and well-written"

OMG, I'm still having goosebumps whenever I recall the things she just said. =)

She also told us to consider teaching in UST. I dunno, Masters? Maybe, maybe not. I think I wanna look for a job first. That's the first goal to aim.

After the defense, Mela, Brent and I had our "open forum". It was nice having to see your own faults through friends. Now I know that after we leave USTe, our friendship would never really end. And now, we have a stronger basis since our foundation cannot be shaken by anyone or anything, ANYMORE!

And since its our time to celebrate because its all over, Brent and I decided to proceed near the Grandstand to watch, rather, hear the LIVRE 2 Concert. See, we actually wanted to go to the grandstand, but we haven't prepared books with us so we have to just listen from afar. But anyway, I'm not disappointed. We saw and heard Itchyworms, Paraluman,Ishlavou?!?(whatever their name is) and Parokya ni Edgar. But then I had to leave since I'm having this painful migraine which caused me to whine and asked Brent to leave immediately. And since I still have Lappie with me, I can't possibly go home late.

And yeah, I'm trying to win you even more. Coz now youre still on my mind.

I just couldn't help it.

I love thesis holiday! =)

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