Saturday, October 08, 2005

hiatus daw muna lahat kami.

before anything else, masaya ako sa result ng thesis. Dahil sobrang malapit na talaga syang matapos. And I think I would be very happy with our grades. Parang yun yung "baby" naming lahat ng groupmates/greatest friends ever ko..

One week to go, sembreak starts na. Pero still have so many things to do. Kamusta naman sakin kasi aside from SportsJourn, I still have to study tonight.

Our "Docu" for Broadjourn is already finished. Im really ecstatic to see the final product. There's this story pa pala about that. Kasi last Wednesday, I felt so proud na 2 hours ko lang natapos yung editing namin. Thanks to our writer Ruby (segment prod ako! yay!) because she made our life easier, having a script na perfectly written.

The next day, as I was about to go to school, I noticed that my DigiCam's missing. Sobrang feeling ko talaga mamamatay na ko, thank God, nakita ng groupmates ko so yun, Digicam was finally back into my hands to produce good pictures together.

Thesis naman, not naman halfway through pero malapit na talagang matapos. Sir Jeff already passed our grades (pero shempre hindi naman pinakita ni sir Jireh)

So Sportsjourn nalang, Filipino Journ (at naghahanap pa ko ng weird thing or place for that feature, at ang madugong Lit Critic nalang. Kaya I'm pouring my energy ngayon sa pagblo-blog dahil next week,for sure, malungkot na naman ang blog ko. and to think that im trying to maintain 4 blogs..hehe

Im tired. Guess I have to start solving problems. And I gotta pass LitCritic and Taxation.

BTW, I have been very busy na hindi ko ma-update ang blog ko..wahuhuhu..

Pero after nito promise, Ill try to update.. Yay!

Gotta go study for my Taxation finals, oh, and prayers are badly needed..

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