Sunday, October 02, 2005

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Thanks to Gian and Anne for sharing their tickets to us! =D

Last night, Brent and I went to the Premiere Night of this movie, "Deuce Bigalow" courtesy of our classmates Gian and Anne Alina. 'twas a great movie, had Brent and I laughing the whole night. Tapos shempre si Brent pa yung kasama ko so nag-aasaran kami na baka makita kami ni mama, or someone from AB at asarin na naman kami. Si Chloe kasi inumpisahan din sha kahapo. Grrh! Wag naman ganun, friends kami sinisira nyo..harhar..

So yun nga, dapat talaga panoorin nyo kasi maganda sya. Not really for kids though. I realized one thing though, kung gusto mo talaga yumaman, at kung prostitution at marijuana ang gusto mong gawin sa buhay mo, punta ka ng AMSTERDAM. Sobrang legal sa kanila. I've seen that story din yata sa PIPOL or something pero sobrang may club pa yata for gigolos and that profession. Ibang level talaga.

Pero ayos din. Tama si Deuce na "if you really know how to make a woman happy, you should be listening to her, put a smile on her face, make her feel good by showing her that she's the prettiest girl you've ever seen. Dyan naman ako agree sa movie kahit may pagka-x rated sya. You know what I mean..hehehe

The show started late and ended late. Got home at 11pm, drenched due to the rain but feeling happy that I did let loose a bit.

Waah! one week to go before finals. One week na pagmumukha-in kong one month sa dami ng dapat gawin. As in loads. Gotta start tonight. And I'm out.

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