Wednesday, July 06, 2005

i hate that rain's been pouring so hard.. now i really feel so sick.. well, it started when i was stranded two saturdays ago.. i really thought that i would swim fro Divisoria to Tondo, but that really made me sick.. 2 weeks na actually..

i am about to have this post last sunday, but the following days kasi, things have been stumbling in my life.. unexpected events actually..

last sunday, i finally confirmed that guy#2 really has someone special na.. but im meaning to tell him that we should just really part ways because i dont want to cause anymore trouble to him and his girlfriend.. i chose to be really away from him because as much i hate to admit, i had deeper feelings to him, and i thought he did too..but anyway,damage has been done and i cant change the turn of events anymore.. i just wish that hindi na dapat ako umasa dahil from the looks of it, wala naman pala talaga akong dapat asahan..

guy#1 naman..oh well, im really surprised that he made the first move to finally be friends with me again.. though im scared that he would hurt me again, i sometimes feel stupid for not turning him down, kahit friendship lang yung hinihingi nya.. maybe because i am unsure that i wouldnt love him again.. alam mo yung naka-move on ka na pero parang there's a hint of love na nafee-feel ka pa pala for him because you still hold on to the thought na baka sya pala yung destined for you? dahil sobrang perfect lahat ng na-experience mo sa kanya? but still, you cannot change the fact na he hurted you deeply and that's what makes you think na baka ma-hurt ka nya ulit..ang gulo actually..


now, im finally realizing why the rain's been pouring that hard.. because i refuse to cry.. everytime i refuse to cry, the sky's been doing the crying for me..ang galing nga happened before with Marlon, and now, its happening to the guys who would cause the death of me..

weird but true..

for guy#2(mahirap mag-initials, pero you know who you are i guess..if youre reading this..)

Here Tonight-HALE
So long to you my love
Don't be afraid to run away
I know you'll be okay
Just take your time to find

But i need you here tonight
I need you here inside
I need you here tonight
I really, really need you here tonight

Made up my mind on this
Too late for me to hold you back
Maybe to short or dumb
To cry for you but i will anyway

It's all my fault
To feel this way for you that day
I know i am and i will
Though it's wrong,so wrong

Cause i need you here tonight
I need you here inside
I need you here tonight
I really, really need you here

I need you, i need you
I need you here inside
I need you i need you
I really, really need you

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