Thursday, July 07, 2005

i thought i would have another assignment but mam tuble wanted me to read the selection first..but anyhow, i still have to read the POETICS, OEDIPUS REX, TAXATION CASES, so on and so forth..

....and im dying by the way!

every minute of my life gets too tiring.. Mam Rivera told us last Monday to "take a walk, watch a movie", but i doubt we could ever make that again.. we cant even go to the Acquaintance Party, eh watch a movie pa kaya? but i have to *ehem* read these all nights.. i hope i could make it through the day..considering that i still have tons to do, house chores and all, and yeah, keep my sanity again..

the things we have to go through to survive senior year...haay...just to get the freaking diploma, mamamatay na talaga ko!

oh well, i decided to be serious from now on so might as well get over it and really make it possible from now on..and have to achieve something before i leave the PONTIFICAL, ROYAL, and CATHOLIC University of the Philippines--UST...ugh, whatever ria..

and im having a hunch that my fone's going to be alive again..soon.. kasi my parents and i had this conversation about the broken charger and that it couldnt be fixed and i might as well buy a new one..and they sort of agreed..Excited din coz Edmund's gonna have this party sa house.. 4 years old na c baby mon..dati lang ineexpect namin si tita to be conceiving a baby girl, tapos ngayon, yung baby namin, malapit ng pumasok sa school..time really flies so fast..
*cough, cough* tired of being sick..actually, last night, i was so dizzy that i didnt have the chance to finish my report last night..i even thought i was gonna throw up..
to do list for tonight:
2. talk to other journalese staffers to help for Sir Victor Torres article and Blogging article, have to ask about Investigative journ report pa..
3. do ETHICS actually having fun with the subject..i hope i could get a flat one on this..=)
4. Read Poetics, Oedipus Rex, Taxation
5. Finish.. (tararantaran) the application for GRADUATION FORM!
oh sya, serious na talagang kahit wala munang lovelife..magpakasaya na kayo ngayon..hehehe

have to go now..will pay the bills pa kasi.. volunteered to do that since i have to impress my mom to finally let me have the charger..

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