Friday, September 19, 2014

Stay Safe This Rainy Day

Dear Typhoon Mario, Please stop. You have to stop trying to scare us. Five years ago, someone like your velocity happened and it was up to no good. I was nursing a broken heart back then. When I cried, the rain cried with me. It was a very sad day for the people in Metro Manila. I was mourning for a different reason. 

This year, I hope that the rain will not bring me grief anymore. This afternoon, I was listening to Spotify and their Evening Acoustic playlist soothes me. After a stressful week, this is like a musiciansfriend because I needed this rest. I don't like the rain that much, but I feel that this day happened for a reason. 

Now I'm all relaxed for the weekend, I hope it'll be sunny tomorrow. Good night, loves. Pray for a perfect day again. 

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