Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's Help Susy Find Geno!

I can remember my grade school days where our teacher would tell us if the Sustagen Crew will be going to our campus. And every time that happens, I would force my Mom to buy me lots of their chocolate milk just so I could exchange them into an item like bags, autograph book, bag tags, etc. During their program, my classmates and I waits in front of the stage because their mascots, Susy and Geno would dance the latest moves you could ever see. Then we grew up, and I guess Susy and Geno did too. Somehow, we forgot about them. Then the photo above surfaced around the world wide web.


So after years of absence, rumor has it that Susy is back and wants to attempt a comeback in showbiz. Unfortunately, her partner in crime, Geno is nowhere to be found. Due to the wonders of technology, as any concerned friend would do, Susy is taking the initiative to track down her missing pal. She even resorted to  putting up a Facebook page, where all info, photos, and videos in relation to the search can be posted.

Let’s help Susy find Geno! After all, we grew up loving them (and their killer dance moves). If and when you do see Geno in public, obtain footage or any information that may lead to finding him, please post it on Susy’s Facebook page:

Goodluck and let's solve this mystery once and for all. :)


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Just saw the FB page, dami pala fans ni Susy and Geno.

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    ang cute ni Susy! hope she finds Geno soon!

  3. i love susy and geno. Nakakasenti naman

  4. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Haha Susy's so cute. I remember her and Geno being two of my loved milk characters when I was a kid.

  5. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Susy and Geno are both part of my childhood that never fails to make me smile...I always remember the time that they went to our school to share Sustagen to us excited kids...I really hope that Susy finds Geno soon...AJA! Susy.


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