Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lisa Macuja-Elizalde

I am all in supporting National Artists. And as one of my favorite brands, Freeway, loves art, a new installment of their well-loved National Artist Collectors’ Series is back. The brand has already established its name in celebrating various forms of Art by bringing creative fusion of fashion and works of art of our National Artists—literature, visual art and fashion design. Now, Freeway features another form of art that is well-loved by the Filipinos - Ballet. With this, Freeway pays tribute to Philippines’ prima ballerina, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde.

When I was younger, I would always see ballet dancers practice at a famous mall in Quezon City. I wanted to ask my Mom if she would let me dance ballet, but I guess I wasn't destined for it. As for Lisa, she was not only destined for ballet, but rather made for it. She is the most famous Filipino ballet dancer but presently,   she is set to ease into retirement within the period of three years and will dance her last full-length “Swan Song Series” in a series of performances. 

Because of her well known productions like “Swan Lake” and “Romeo and Juliet”,  Freeway created a special edition “Swan Song Series” sublimation tee-shirt that immortalizes the signature ballets of Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. This limited edition collection is now available in all Freeway stores nationwide.  

To know more about these limited edition shirts, visit their website at, their Facebook Page and via Twitter . You may also check out


I soooo lurve Freeway. Not just because of their designs, but also because they took their time and effort to promote art -- Filipino Artistry, that is. I'm a literature fan, so I especially love whenever they fuse some quotes from famous Pfil. Lit in their designs.

P.S. I love the first photo. <3

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