Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kawaii and Yummy: Hello Kitty Yan Yan

Silly me for not updating my blog. Work has been THAT busy with my boss leaving me in a few days and meetings are very important this quarter. And yes, I've been stressed that I didn't have the time to think and write (although there are a lot of PRs in my desk). But today, I'm so happy when my friend Kara brought her pasalubong to me during her recent trip to HongKong. Its cute and its yummy! Its a Hello Kitty Yan Yan!

As a kid, I've always loved Meiji products like Chocolate Baby, Hello Panda and Yan Yan. But seeing a Hello Kitty Yan Yan is a treat for me. No, Hello Kitty is not my favorite cartoon character, but its cute and since I love anything pink, and its strawberry dip is very sweet, I am now so into it.

I just can't get enough of how cute it is. I hope there's one in the local stores. Or maybe I could visit Binondo again ( 'cause that's where we've seen the Cherry Coke that's from HK too). How about you guys? Found anything as cute as this lately? Share 'em away! :)


  1. Ang cute!!! Kala ko available siya sa Philippines. XD

  2. ang cute cute suuuper! ;)

  3. @Helen: Hahah! I wanna buy loads! Meron siguro sa Binondo. I think yung mga Chinese stores dun. Or so I hope. hehehe

    @Gellie: Cutie diba? I want more heheh :))

  4. Ay ang cute naman nito.

  5. bought tons of Hello Kitty foodies/snacks when i toured HK/Taiwan/SG hahaha...addicting!

  6. Ria: I wish I could buy that here. Parang sarap naman kolekthahin yung mga lalagyan. :)


  7. Hi Ms. Jenny. I kept the case so I could put pens or something. I keep on taking out the dip holder but it wouldnt budge, sayang :))


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