Friday, August 19, 2011

Ask my officemates where the best restaurants are and they have an answer then and there. But then again, when our boss asked us where he would treat us for his birthday, we only had one place in mind: Panciteria San Jacinto.

Entering the restaurant, their homey vibe welcomes you as if you're in your own dining room. Its not quaint and you might bring your family here during Sundays to have good food, in your not so busy pace. Yes, it may be along one of the hectic streets in the Metro, but it is tucked in an old Chinatown charm.

What would a Panciteria be without its Pancit Canton? (Small Php224) Their tasty noodles and fresh vegetables make it yummy. Long life? Definitely!

Before I start telling about their chicken, let me just say that I love chicken to the every fiber of my being. And I love it when its crisp. Their Fried Chicken (Whole Php578) is best added with their special chicken sauce, and I think you'd probably forget your name once you've taken the first bite.

Fried Rice with Asado and Chinese Sausage (Small Php 220) is heavenly. I think I had three servings of these goodies. Not that I'm turning away from Yang Chow rice, but the chinese sausage in this serving got me hooked. 

Their Bean Curd with Beef (Small Php238) is a bit spicy, but its bland for my taste. I loved the beef though, because its soft and tender. I wonder if they have schezuan, then it'll be perfect.

I've always believed that Spring Rolls are part of any Chinese cuisine.  Lucky for me, their spring rolls have this distinctive taste especially when topped with sweet and sour sauce.

Lastly, we had our favorite Shrimp Balls. Its cover is crunchy, while the inside is shrimp at its best. How do I attest that these are good? My officemate, who's allergic to seafood brings her medicine just in case.

Good food, great company, lovely ambiance - all these and more in Panciteria San Jacinto. I know I'll be back for more. I have yet to try their other dishes. But overall, I would rate this lovely restaurant five stars. 

Panciteria San Jacinto is located at 106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Ugong, Pasig City (Along C-5). You may also visit their website, for more details and prices.


Wow, another discovery nanaman. Kaingit na ha... makalabas na nga ng lungga ko for food hunting! Teka... malapit lang ba ito sa tiendesitas?


hi anne! Yup, sa other side sha katapat ng hypermart :) And ordering shrimp balls is a must! Super yummy! :)


My husband works for them, and he's very dedicated and passionate about the food they serve, and in turn he is also very passionate about his job.


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