Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Screaming Mad Woman Alert

I just have to blog this out because of the recent incident.

You see, I have been working for 6 months at an HMO where most people hear so much about and been working at a department where most controversies are passed on. Yep, Customer Care.

My whole 6-month stay was a bit calm. No bloody fights, no uber arising arguments, just pure letter-writing complaints and nice members being calm when my boss talks to them.

..But this afternoon was a DIFFERENT case

This woman was screaming when she approached my boss. And the worst part was she was already badmouthing everyone and curses as she was smirking and all. Part of me was getting irritated at her, and I admired my boss that she kept cool about it. That no matter how much explaining she does, her ears are deaf to hear all about it.

Understanding her position is one thing, but making her shut up about blabbing that it will go down to a TV station or a committee is a big question.

In the end, she left, without even hearing the company's position. I don't know how she's gonna handle it, but since her case is difficult, I doubt if she gets what she wants. Case isn't really settled, but we'll all see.

Gotta go. Time's Up.

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