Sunday, November 26, 2006

is there such thing as few mistakes?

I have a tip I just learned recently. When you feel the need to cry, just close your eyes so you don't know that it actually falls. Nah, it's a stupid trick but I get to do that. And pretended everything's okay just to shut my mind up.

New Products are to be lauched this Wednesday. And i made this huge mistake of putting the wrong hotline number to every brochure in the product. Just great. Although my boss says I shouldn't just blame myself, I still feel I should have been more responsible and all. I have proofread it a lot of times but still, this happened. SO stupid.

And I have to write a full-blown article while at it. I feel so incompetent anymore. And Im wallowing with self-pity and guilt. I just hope I could really get through this phase.

Haven't finalized Christmas plans yet. or Im not sure if it'll ever happen. the giddy feeling seems gone right now. I don't know who could turn back my Holiday spirit. Oh well, crap.

I just finally realized I shouldn't blog when I don't feel good. But this is me. I'm not blaming anyone. I just want to feel good again. That I'm needed and not stuck up to the thin air where I'm not supposed to be..

And with all the drama, I have to go to the curtain call...

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