Sunday, August 07, 2005

diligent kuno.

Im here at school today though im not supposed to be here.

Diligent kunwari eh noh?

I finally revised our journalese blogging article. but I've noticed that everytime my workload is lessened, new ones would fill it again.

I haven't had enough sleep last night but i still feel active. now that's a good thing..

Emmalyn, my high school classmate-slash-ancestor is with me right now. I've planned us some R and R before I get crazy with school works again. A movie marathon of Battle Royale parts 1 and 2.. i dunno if you could call that relaxation but if it includes a popcorn and a soft couch, might as well tell it as it is..

Oh whattheheck! im just vain. kill me now..

the queen bee
last saturday sa "wheels"..hehe

this one's a favorite.. so nostalgic..makes me like im in casablanca or something..

ria mela and jam
happy three friends version 2. 'twas when my hair's still short. and we still look young at that time.=)

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