Thursday, May 19, 2005

a new crushie

i cant concentrate right now..

i have a new crush.. his name is a country.. i hate him when he smiles coz he looks like starfish.. and he's super nice. i cant believe this...

but im happy coz he knows i exist. i mean when he saw me at the corridor, he smiled and said hi to me..

oh, did i just tell you he's 34 years old, a journalist and a professor?


these are just the sad realities in life. a guy i couldnt have.. and by the way, a guy who wouldnt even dare try falling in love with me.

i should stop fantasizing now.. still have to finish all the Prime Times for the whole week..
but how if i keep on staring at him and he's just meters away from me?

**bleep me!***

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