Sunday, March 27, 2005

back again..

I'm finally back in the cyberworld.. Im so excited to start OJT..i just hope I'd get accepted in Summit far,ive passed four resume.. Jops and I went to People's Journal, Manila Times,Summit Media and Mega Publications last Tuesday.. I wish!!!

Aside from being a bum this week,I have plans to go to Baclaran on Wednesday to pray for my second sem grade results.. I could only wish that again,I would be lucky pass all my subjects especially my Political Dynamics class...

I wanna go to a beach this summer.. At least before I could start my internship.. I'm tired of sleeping 12 hours a day..I guess nasanay ako sa puyatan nung finals..Tapos si deejay,nagpapakasarap ngayon sa Baguio.. At nang-inggit pa..

I just wish I could find a summer love this time..
Happy vacation peeps! =)

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