Saturday, March 19, 2005

after a very loooooooong week of finals and photojourn layouting...after all the sleepless nights..(and i really mean sleepless!) and for the whole "reyna ng sablay thing", im really glad that this sem's over.. no more senora ferrer, no more plates and seeking for subjects and models, no more trillana readings (hope i wont fail..i need your prayers that badly!), and i dont have to force myself to wake up early every morning!

life is sooo good!

schuy and i finished printing the calendar this morning..all 3jrn1 groups got a whopping 100% for ALL the plates!but im really nervous about Political Dynamics..i dont wanna fail his subject because---

1. i now hate politics because of the officials sit on their chairs, making their asses hot.
2. i hate having summer classes due to the OJT and other extra curricular activities during the break.
3. i dont wanna read another freaking "thousand pages" of lessons.
4. i wanna live my life enjoying my 4th year and doing other stuffs.
5. i hate back subjects.
6. i dont wanna see sir trillana anymore.
7. my mom would kill me..

goodbye world!

well, brent, mela and i are here at SM MAnila and taking a night out..night na anyway, we watched SHAOLIN vs. EVIL DEAD.. it was so matrix-like and the movie was superb..(mama..mama..)

i really hope that there's a sequel coz i really feel bitin.

finally! class has ended..have to watch my weight and other stuff from now on..


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