Sunday, November 28, 2004


haha! were going to subic tonight... and someone's bothering me about it...ewan ko ba, first time ko mag-out of town with my friends pero sumasakit ulo ko sa mga taong paimportante...tapos c deejay,di ko pa nakausap buong week..alam mo un.. kasi sya ung absorber ng galit ko...pero thanks for being that way..di ako galit, naiinis lang talaga!arrgh!

and this afternoon, we went to morayta for myxmo CDsale..hay naku, mga ABS-CBN records nandun...di naman sa against ako pero c yachang at sandara ung nakita ko noh!!

pero whatever happens, mag-eenjoy ako!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

beachy party!

oh diba gudluck nalang talaga sakin! xempre dahil walang friendster sa lib, may hi5 gudluck na naman dahil nagbitter-bitteran na naman ako kay miss mahal! ewan ko ba naman dami ng guys sa earth, bakit xia pa? at bakit parang kilalang-kilala ko na xia! ayoko na talaga maging inlove! kakaloka na talaga!

and gudluck talaga sa zero lovelife ko..pero at least my social life's level went up because my mom finally agreed that i go to mela's debut at subic on Sunday!! so fetch!grabe noh! napakalaking achievement na mag-out of town ako with my friends..and no guys allowed..hehe..sana may boylets and everything...

pero si sedfrey lang yata!~!!!scary!@!!=)

Sunday, November 14, 2004

wishing for a new layout

ang ganda nga ng blog ko..pero di naman orig..hehehe joke...

abby..mahal mo ko diba? ung layout ko pag medyo tinopak ka huh..ang please, make it lang..

anyway, tomorrow's sunday, next would me monday..joke ulit..=)

well, tomorrow is again, another big day..[hope i wont make it worse again..tired na ko sa mga guys..]but i guess i have to try one more time...sabi nga sa "My Sassy Girl",

Fate is building a bridge of chance for someone you love

and i guess it wouldnt be bad to believe again...


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Saturday, November 13, 2004


when harry met sally
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Friday, November 12, 2004


Take the quiz: "What does your birth month reveal about you?"

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dreamland my world?

"^____^" means more than a name to me..
it belongs 2d person hus special and stays nsyd my hart...
its a name dt when called makes me smyl & sing....
papara ko to....

giselle was overwhelmed by this quote i got from kaye-who was my highschool friend...ok long story... i really wanted to send that quote to a guy..preferably the guy whom i think is "more than" just a friend.. but i stopped and thought na "this time naman magpapakipot ako noh!" and it literally struck my mind the whole day because i really dunno where we stand now..are we really just friends? im not sure... translate the numerous "mwah" he sent every night...translate the actions he did like calling every night (when nahihiya na nga ko..) Explain the autoload he gave me and said di kita matiis kaya niloadan kita...

and last week i guess, some AJ guy texted me the sweet words na corny..

"ei ria,how was my newly found princess? did you have a gr8 sleep? hope you enjoyed your stay in dreamland"

DREAMLAND? who the h***?

ok then i really became so confused about the situation? who is this guy? up until now, still is a mystery to me..maybe when he shows up, i'd get the biggest surprise in my life..


the incredible incredible sunday!

just got out from the spanish class, where we had the recitation of either the "HYMNO NACIONAL" or the prayers in spanish... thankfully, i still stored some of the lyrics in my brain...

and im not over the sassy girl mania... i really really loved it and i watched it three times already...but this sunday, im going to watch the incredibles with dj...and i hope i wouldnt mess up like what i did to you know who...just dont wanna feel stupid like the last time again...pero i believe that isnt the real problem..

pero i feel pressured na kahit konti pa lang ung gnagawa namin..its just that this one subject bugs us all..i really hope the pressure will be worth it all...

have to go now...cant say decent in my blog anymore...mwah! going out on sundaaaayyyy!!!!=)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

sassy me...

just watched My Sassy Girl yesterday..waah!super ganda nya kaya!it was so touching and romantic..haay..sana love works in this world pa..

basta ang galing ng story napaka-unpredictable nya...patient maxado si na talaga..addicted na yata ako..

now im looking for downloads na..hehehe..=)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

OMG! so cool...

ok...first things psyched that gilmore girls was shown last saturday..i really love it! i love the fact that i dont have to listen to senti music every saturday because there's nothing decent on tv.. my life is so back!

last night i watched 2 musical specials-the Ryan Cayabyab feature and jasmin trias' concert.. the jasmine trias' concert was good but i guess its a bit lame dahil she isnt that good singer? but i like her a lot..dunno why..
The Ryan Cayabyab was superb.. we really have a lot of good artists here.. and i was blown away by the chorale.. i miss my glee club back in high school.. and i really wish i could sing on stage again..

our first period prof didnt show up..feels like im wasting my time going to school when in fact,wala silang balak pumasok.. it really im here at the library today..and i dunno what to do..and what to expect later on the 3pm class that i doubt whether the prof would show up or not..

have to go now...catch ya later...

Monday, November 08, 2004

You want a sweet guy. Who'ld take you anywhere.
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Sunday, November 07, 2004

i really miss my blog....and finally im back..

again walking in the halls of AB...hehe maxado ng sentimental ang getting teary-eyed na..after a week of being computer-less?mtv-less?, well im here again and blogging again.. i mean, i love my lola, but that week has been hell for me.. i was expected to do things that i cant and i wouldnt do... not in this lifetime at least...

and finally, may gilmore girls na saturdays aren't a bore anymore... ive waited for so long..and now...its finally here...=)

next time nalang..dunno what to something saved up from the diskette but i doubt kung pwede diskette dito sa library...

ciao baby!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

cheers to a baby girl

My bezzie just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl…

After persuading them to name the baby to name it after me, they didnt give in to my request but named her Jasmin Margarette… I dunno where she got the Jasmin, but if I could recall, it was one of the most favorite names that I would like to name my future daughter, but heck, there are more names that would evolve ayt? I mean, for sure it would take a lot of time before I would have a kid.. heller? bata pa ko noh! Wala pa nga kong boyfriend eh…

Back to the story, the girl was so cute..tiny..has rosy cheeks… and she isn’t fair-skinned.. surprisingly, maputi sya… oh, I'm not mocking ha! Love ko c bubut pero basta… and alam mo yun, looking at her felt so good.. parang isang miracle on earth happened today.. don’t you think so? Well, I really do…

So end of my adventure… hope I could share more…

About my semestral break… it really sucks!! And it bites..

After a horrible week at Novaliches, I am glad that I'm finally home… ok na kahit ung house namin talaga sa Nova, not my lola’s house, but I felt so depressed during that week. I contemplated that I am a worthless person…hahaha…. I dunno how to cook! Fried rice lang di ko pa mapagluto ung lola ko… I really suck!! And di lang yun, instead of taking care of her, I end up waking at 10AM, ( In my granma’s vocabulary 10AM=12NOON) so, she has to shout just to wake me up.. and she made the biggest mistake of letting me cook rice so it ended up as lugaw…OO lugaw talaga sya noh!! I really feel bad na… but I discovered that practice makes perfect… at least hindi naman rice cooker ung ginamit ko!!! So I guess I survived… but to think about it, I really have to learn how to cook… promise, pag may time ako…I’ll rummage around for my culinary skills…kung meron man ako nun…oh so okay na, Sunday came, dun ako sa Guada natulog…in my pink and purple room…ung maraming glow in the dark… ung may comforter… ung maraming stuff toys….


And may class na….cant wait…

Un lang po..mwah!



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