Friday, November 12, 2004

just got out from the spanish class, where we had the recitation of either the "HYMNO NACIONAL" or the prayers in spanish... thankfully, i still stored some of the lyrics in my brain...

and im not over the sassy girl mania... i really really loved it and i watched it three times already...but this sunday, im going to watch the incredibles with dj...and i hope i wouldnt mess up like what i did to you know who...just dont wanna feel stupid like the last time again...pero i believe that isnt the real problem..

pero i feel pressured na kahit konti pa lang ung gnagawa namin..its just that this one subject bugs us all..i really hope the pressure will be worth it all...

have to go now...cant say decent in my blog anymore...mwah! going out on sundaaaayyyy!!!!=)

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