These days, I feel as if I'm experiencing a brain block when I am trying to finish my work load. Do you ever feel like you couldn't concentrate that much because of too much happening around? When these happens, I pause for a while, and play games that can stimulate my brain. 

With so many game websites around, I came across and had that nostalgic feel. You see, when I was younger, our personal computer only holds a number of games - Solitaire, Minesweeper - if you are about the same age as I am, you'd know exactly I was talking about. Now I am totally old school, and these games are appealing for me because it brings memories of the past. 

Aside from solitaire, I was also able to play logic games like Sodoku and Hidden Object Games. I remember buying a sodoku book a few years back and I can only do it offline. This online sodoku has 4 levels, has a relaxing sound that makes you feel zen. 

Another game that I enjoyed the most is the Hidden Objects Game. Playing in time pressure helps you stimulate your visual and mind senses. This game also has an interesting background music, that helps you relax your mind and overall feeling. 

With so many games online nowadays, I feel that some of them stresses me more because it is fast paced and some are loud. appeals so much to me, because it helps my mind relax and refreshes my mood. How about you? What are the games that you miss playing to help you reset and relax?