Priorities, priorities. 

As a Banker and a Blogger at the same time, I always adhere to certain rules when it comes to dressing up. Of course, I need to wear a uniform when I'm at work. That sometimes, I think it dulls my sparkle as a very outgoing person. But maybe that's just me. 

Being a blogger, I get to attend events where I could dress up. I remember watching After the Ball the other day, and there's this outfit that Kate designed to be wearable for corporate and for a night out. 

As for me, skater skirts are staples in my closet. I can just pair it with any top and it can alter my look altogether. See what I'm wearing above? A simple tee can look fab with a floral skater skirt. If you want to check more online, Zalora even has a special page dedicated to skater skirts.

So let us not have our Monday feel like a chore. I believe that dressing up to something comfy and fabulous makes my day feel awesome.

How about you? What are your closet staples? Do you also love skater skirts?