A step closer to an A!life

The women of today does not only live inside their homes, feeding their family and attend to household chores anymore. They now have lives outside the four corners to build their own career, mingle with friends and even stay at the top. They are empowered and sometimes, restless, that they need the right tools to remain fit and healthy.

PascualLab, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country launched not just one, but six health supplements with different goals to ensure that the women now do not just have a good life, but an A!Life.

A!Life consists of six different product line such as A!Life Energy, A!Life Protect, A!Life Posture, A!Life Restore, A!Life Control and A!Life Trim.

Why do we women need the A!Life? Read below to see their different benefits:

Lorraine Lapus keeps getting fit and energized by A!life Energy

A!Life Energy is packed with vitamins, amino acids and nutrients that contains natural Malunggay leaves, giving women that extra boost of energy for optimum physical performance. This product is for the women on the go and and need superior energy for the whole day.

Lexi Schulze radiates with A!life Protect

Meanwhile, A!life Protect with Pycnogenol®, is a super anti-oxidant that helps the immune system defend against free radicals, so health radiates through fairer skin. It prevents breakouts brought pollution, stress and other harmful elements that is caused by oxidation. A!life Protect generates your body and skin, presenting a more beautiful glow.

Shawn Yao stands tall with A!life Posture

A!life Posture not only contains Calcium but Ostivone®, which helps increase bone density to keep bones strong for better posture. During menopause, women loses estrogen and accelerates the bone loss, developing Osteoporosis. A!life Posture aims to increase bone mineral density to provide proper posture for women to stand tall and proud in the years to come.

Patti Betita looks young at her forties with A!life Restore

A!life Restore consists of Injuv™, a Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes from within to help erase the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Without having to undergo surgery, A!life Restore makes you look younger and rejuvenates your skin, even in your middle age.

Lucy Torres-Gomez now enjoys simple indulgences like white rice with
A!life Control

For women who desire a slimmer figure like myself, A!life Control is a wonderful supplement made from all-natural white bean extract. Now, you won't have to feel guilty eating rice because it blocks carbohydrates absorption that controls weight and blood sugar levels.

Lastly, A!life Trim which contains Ampalaya combined with Banaba to aid in managing the blood sugar levels of those at risk of diabetes, even helping to maintain a trim figure. So what are you waiting for? Don't just settle for a good life, demand for an A!life and discover the wonders it will bring your body and health.

A!life Ambassador Lucy Torres-Gomez talks about the benefits of the product

As a treat, A!life, together with Yehey! conducted a pampering day to us ladies last June 9 at the Tian Di Heaven and Earth Urban Spa, Greenhills. After the press conference, attended by the A!life ambassadors Shawn Yao, Lorraine Lapus, Lexi Schulze, Patti Betita and Lucy Torres-Gomez, we were led into our choice of activity.

At the exfoliating session with Ms. Karen, Michelle and Mommy Lariza

Ms. Karen Jean Santos, professional makeup artist, taught us the proper skin care and the role of the Hyaluronic acid in delaying skin aging. This helped me a lot because she talked about the right ways to cleanse your face, the proper tools for the right skin type. As an example, because I have oily skin, I should avoid, cream cleansers and use gel cleansers or exfoliant instead. What an interesting afternoon indeed. :)

Thanks to A!life and Yehey! for such an eventful day. I learned a lot, and even get to feel younger, stronger and better. Reach for an A!life now in leading stores near you.